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Health & Safety

Before coming here please check with your Doctor or health counsellor about any vaccinations you may need. Malaria is only a potential problem in a few remote rural areas, again check with health professionals for latest advice.

There are pharmacies throughout The Philippines and most have the usual medicines available, if you have very specific requirements then you should bring them with you. In the unlikely event that you are taken ill during your visit, there are a full range of medical services throughout the country.

The climate is hot and sunny so wear sun block, do not spend too long in the sun and drink lots of water and non-alcoholic liquids.

Unless otherwise advised do not drink tap water. Mineral water is cheap and available everywhere.

Like any country in the world, The Philippines has its share of touts, pickpockets and others happy to take advantage of travellers. However, the problem is certainly no worse here than any other city or country in Asia. If you take the usual sensible precautions such as watching your valuables, not displaying huge amounts of cash, avoiding certain areas late at night and so on then you should have no problems at all. Hotel and resort staff will always be able to give you local advice. Incidentally, aside from the usual minor hassles it’s actually a very safe and easy place for women to travel in. For families it’s a joy as children are much loved and appreciated.

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